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Mr Kolpert

August 2021 in the Linbury Theatre, LAMDA

"Come in, we've loads of room. There's nothing in here except a dead body"

An incredibly bored couple invite an incredibly boring couple over for dinner, in an evening that some of them will never forget, and some will never make it away from alive.

Writer: David Gieselmann

Director: Belle Bao

Assistant director: Dwain Brown

Set and costume design: Emily Nelson

Lighting design: Ben Garcia

Sound design: Tingying Dong

Fight director: Jeremy Barlow

Movement director: Adi Gortler

Stage manager: Anna Eagle

Photography: Dwain Brown

ralf moodboard_edited.jpg
sarah costume moodboard_edited.jpg
Bastian moodboard_edited.jpg
Edith moodboard_edited.jpg
Mr K moodboard.jpg
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