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Moon Moss

A long afternoon

in an Oxygen Garden

on the south pole of The Moon.

Commission for Tour de Moon Festival as part of Unboxed: Creativity in the UK

Starring: Dom Hamilton & Pete MacHale
Creator - Miles Ahmad 
Producers: Miles Ahmad, Issy Humphries, Lydia Dunn Ribeiro, 
Writers: Miles Ahmad, Pete MacHale, Dom Hamilton

AD: Issy Humphries

ACs: Jordan Bain, Arriyan Wells, Sprial City

Costume: Emily Nelson

BTS: Jasmine Mahé Darlington

Location/Sound: Zak Ferguson

Composer: Zeljko McMullen

Colourist: Alex O'Brien

Post Producers: Patirica Oddysseos-Suther, Renata Fabri

Post House: Nomad Edit

Lenses c/o: Cinewest

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