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Oh What a Lovely War

 May 2023 in the Mack, Mountview, London 

Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop's satirical exposé of the horrors, humours, politics and power dynamics of the First World War, through the lens of the music of the time.

Written by: Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop

Director: Rupert Hands

Choreographer: Sarah Golding

Musical Director: Matthew Loughran

Set design: Rhyannon Richardson

Costume Design: Emily Nelson

Lighting design: Adam King

Sound design: Bruce Sharp

Stage manager: Melanie Oglesby

Assistant Director: George Marlin

Assistant Musical Director: Alex Cawley

Costume Supervisor: Alice Basaral

Photography: Cesare De Giglio

base layers lineup OWALW 2.jpg
base layers lineup OWALW  1.jpg
military layers OWALW.jpg
OWALW moodboard.jpg
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