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À La Fois

Costume and mask design and construction as part of a short film. A wonderfully creatively free project with inspiration included but not limited to: Egyptian sarcophagi, flamenco dresses and Victorian christening gowns

Note from the director: "Last year we attempted to shoot a micro-budget feature in Wales, yet COVID struck, and we had to leave after only two days. This is the film we improvised during that time."

A Woman and Man inhabit a forest, at peace and unified within their natural surroundings - until a suitcase drops into their environment. The possession over items they find within and the appearance of their respective, mysterious Doppelgängers cause the couple to be slowly driven apart from one and other. The Gods of the Forest attempt to teach them the means of communication and companionship, with hopes of reuniting the couple - yet when Adam’s desire to please Eve’s Doppelgänger meets Eve’s desire to flee to the “World Outside” - the couple are brought to a violent end. Two, however, must always remain in the Forest.

Concieved and directed: Miles Ahmad

Director of Photography: Samuel Oliver

Assistant Director: Maya Wallis Echeverri

Art Direction: Miles Ahmad, Hazel Irons and Emily Nelson

Original Score: James Bird

Sound Design: George Ramsden

Colour: Jose Armengol

Titles/artwork: Chachaanteng

Starring: Melina Bryant, Dominic Gowland & Arriyan Wells

alafois drawing.jpg
final design render.jpg
ALF moodboard.jpg
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