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A graduate from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, I work across both theatre and film work. I find cross-disciplinary physical theatre and dance-based work particularly exciting, whilst simultaneously relishing the opportunity to delve into analysis for a script.


I love the organisation and the variation in production, and am keen to work at any role within that process. I enjoy looking for creative solutions that incorporate an environmentally conscious and socially aware ethic, to best serve the production and the audience experience.


Calling         Hoxton Hall with East15, dir. Matthew Lloyd          designer

TriBorder      Hoxton Hall with East15, dir. Dominic Garfield      designer

I, Joan         Hoxton Hall with East15, dir. Sean Linnen              designer


Design Work:


Earthquakes in London                          



Design Work:


Oh What A Lovely War               

Associate/Assisting work:

The Christmas Lobster                

Project Dictator                                          


As You Like It                                       



Design work:

Crazy for You                                         

Alfred Rising R&D                                 

Moon Moss                                       


Tristan & Yseult        


Associate/Assisting work 

Raucous Theatre                                   


2021 and previous

Design work:

Mr Kolpert                                                 

A Story Like the Wind (R&D)               

À La Fois                                                    


All That I Am                                              


Associate/Assisting work:

Catch That Beast                                 

modelmaker to David Harris

Little Women in Black                           

A Midsummer Night's Dream    

Double Drop                                       


modelmaking placement with Nicky Shaw

Italia Conti, dir. Jack Gogarty     

Italia Conti, dir. Sean Turner                         


Mountview, dir. Richard Fitch                                             

Mountview, dir. Rupert Hands                                                                             

Bucket Club at Farnham Maltings - associate to Rebecca Wood 

Rhum & Clay, UK & Norway tour - associate to Blythe Brett                        

Tangled Feet, site specific - associate to Blythe Brett

Wells Theatre Festival - associate to Andrew Hunt

Access All Areas -  costume supervisor to Tomás Palmer

WAVDA, The Gate, Cardiff. dir. James Williams                                                              

Wassail Theatre. dir. Jesse Briton                                                                                         

film short (commission for Tour de Moon festival) dir. Miles Ahmad                     

film short. dir Vivian Barton                                                                                                      

Warminster Athenaeum. dir. Ros Johnson                                                                       


Modelmaker for Hannah Wolfe

National Theatre Wales & Collective Cymru - design assistant to Edie Morris

LAMDA Linbury Theatre, dir. Belle Bao                                                                    

Theatr na nÓg. dir Tim Baker                                                                                     

film short. dir. Miles Ahmad                                                                                       

music video dir. Miles Ahmad                                                                                    

RWCMD Bute Theatre. dir. Rupert Hands                                                                 



Bucket Club at Farnham Matlings - assistant to Rebecca Wood    

Wardrobe Theatre - assistant to Ruby Pugh

Wells Theatre Festival - assistant to Ruby Brown

Dirty Protest, Edinburgh Fringe - costume construction for Ruby Brown

Opera'r Ddraig - assistant to Brad Lee

set and costume designer

set and costume designer


costume designer

costume designer




production designer

production designer

co-designer (with Ruby Brown)




art director and costume design/maker

costume designer



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